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Weston-super-Mare RFC

Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct

Weston Mini/Junior section has a code of conduct for parents and spectators. We all enjoy watching young players and our enthusiasm can sometimes get the better of us. We should all remember the ethos of Mini/Junior rugby is to enjoy learning the skills of the game in a friendly and safe environment.

Our code of conduct can be found within RFU publications:

•Never force a child to play.
•Always remember children play Rugby for their enjoyment — not yours
•Encourage your child to play by the rules/laws. Make it clear that cheating is just a way to get unfair advantage
•Teach your child that victory isn’t everything - playing as well as you can is just as important. On any day no more than half the teams can win so defeat is no disgrace
•Never yell at a player for making a mistake. Never sneer or use sarcasm — you’ll make the player feel like a total failure. Remember: he/she is not playing for your benefit
•Applaud good play by either team. Back up the referee don’t publicly question his fairness or ability. Children learn best by example. Set a good example.
•Encourage your child to improve his skills through coaching.
•Stay off the pitch. Coaches and referees are qualified to be there. They have worked hard to earn their qualifications. If you want to be involved in Mini/Junior rugby join them and learn how. Otherwise don’t interfere.
•Don’t abuse anyone especially the referee. Like the coaches he/she is a volunteer and unpaid. He/she has given up his/her spare time. If you abuse him/her he/she might not return. How can your child play rugby without a referee?
•Safety. The Mini/Junior section has qualified first aid coaches available. If a child is hurt call qualified first aider. Do not attempt to move or interfere with the player.

Players Code of Conduct

•Play for fun not just to please your parents or coach
•Play by the rules. No rules no game — don’t cheat
•Don’t argue with the referee. He/she won’t change his/her decision and he/she might penalise your team again — for arguing
•Control your temper and your mouth
•Never give up. The game is not lost until its won
•Be a good sport. Recognise good rugby — even when it comes from the other team
•Be fair. Don’t chuck your weight around
•Improve your skill. You will play better and feel better
•Don’t be selfish. Co-operate with your team, the referee and your opponents. Without them you have no game.
•Don’t show off even when you have scored

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League Tables

SSE RFU National League » SSE National League 3 South West

1 Lydney 26 119
2 Redingensians 26 102
3 Bracknell 26 95
4 Newton Abbot 25 71
5 Amersham & Chiltern 25 69
6 Brixham 26 68
7 Barnstaple 26 63
8 Old Redcliffians 24 62
9 Weston-super-Mare 26 58
10 Worcester Wanderers 24 45
11 Old Patesians 25 45
12 Old Centralians 25 41
13 Avonmouth Old Boys 26 31
14 Chippenham 26 27

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