Weston-super-Mare RFC Mission and Vision for the Future
  1. Our Mission
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Our Mission
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1. Our Mission

Weston-super-Mare Rugby Club has been at the heart of the community for over 140 years and at its current location for over 130 years. The Club believes its place in the community can only be retained if it develops facilities that are available to the community and actively seeks their support.

The club is determined to provide an environment where members can develop their skills both on and off the field whilst showing respect, sportsmanship and trust that will provide a basis for lifelong friendships with people both in the club and from outside.

The Club is only cohesive if it strives to engage all members, across all levels, from minis through juniors and seniors up to the past players and the casual spectator. The club aims to develop a love of the game at all levels for all abilities and for all members to achieve their full potential.

The Club aims to provide a place for all to come and enjoy time together whatever the occasion and regardless of age, background, gender or race and it is proud of its reputation for showing hospitality to visiting officials, teams , their supporters and members of the public alike.