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ANPR Exemptions for the Club Car Park

Weston-super-Mare RFC car park is private land specifically for the use by its members and legitimate visitors. Sadly it became blighted by litter, there was evidence of other anti-social behaviour and became too manage to manage, so in September 2019 after consultation we contracted out the management of the car park and it became a pay and display space.

There is a flat daily fee of £2.50 for cars and £8 for lorries and coaches. We decided upon a 10 minute waiting time in the car park in order to dissuade those wishing to use the space for means other than parking. There are many signs sited within the boundary of the car park advertising this.

Visitors to the club and members who do not wish to take up the membership offer of an exemption from the daily parking fees must either pay or immediately enter their vehicle registrations onto a tablet inside the club house to park for free. It is a very quick and simple process. We have also provided tablets at The Wooden Spoon Café and at EJ McGrath to assist customers and visitors to their premises.

Club Members can park for free at any time as long as they have are on the attached list. If not, all you need to do is ask for their cars to be added to the ANPR database of exemptions. Once a request has been made please wait for confirmation that this has been applied. All permits for members are permanent, they will only be removed when your membership expires or you change your car.

We are not responsible for enforcement, all appeals against notices must be made using the information on any enforcement notice. We do not take a percentage of any fines users incur, we felt that was the wrong message to send out to people, we only take an income from those who pay to park.

An alphabetical list of permitted vehicles is maintained by the club for members to view. If your vehicle is not on this list then let the club know and use the tablet until confirmation has been received.

If you wish to enquire about registering for an exemption from fees you may do so here.


November 2021 Permit List